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“THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT ACTIVITY for building knowledge for their eventual success in reading is reading aloud to children,” stressed Becoming a Nation of Readers, a 1985 report by the Commission on Reading.  Your child may be  reading simple text, but he/she can understand more complex stories.  The stories you share will challenge him/her with ideas and vocabulary that will build comprehension skills and background knowledge.  It's Ok to read a favorite book over and over again. 




Renaissance Place Enterprise


 First, a student’s optimal reading level is determined through the STAR Reading Enterprise assessment. This assessment provides information on a student’s overall reading ability and suggests a range of book levels for each student called the “zone of proximal development”, or ZPD.  Teachers then set an individualized reading practice goal based on reading quantity, quality, and difficulty and monitor progress toward those goals.  Students then selects a book on the ZPD level and read to take a AR test.  AR offers more than 150,000 quizzes of five types on both fiction and nonfiction titles. Reading Practice Quizzes ask questions that measure a student’s comprehension of a book and vocabulary. 



Renaissance Home Connect


 This year we have Renaissance Home Connect.  With this program parents can access real-time information in English or Spanish to  stay up to date and keep their children motivated. Parents can get emails and alerts when their child takes a quiz.  Students and parents can see progress toward reading goals, conduct book searches using AR BookFinder, review AR Quiz results, and view the number of books and words read.  AR BookFinder is a program that will tell you the level of every AR book.

To log in to Renaissance Home Connect


Username: Your child's username that they log in with at school

Password:  Your child's password that they use at school


*Does not allow quizzing in Accelerated Reader from home.



ALabama Virtual Library

The Alabama Virtual Library provides all students, teachers, and citizens of the State of Alabama with online access to essential library and information resources. It is primarily a group of online databases that have magazine, journal, and newspaper articles for research. Through the AVL, an equitable core of information sources is available to every student and citizen in Alabama, raising the level of excellence in schools and communities across the state.



Book Fairs


Our library sponsors a book fair during the spring of the school year to provide our students with a wide variety of excellent books.  Proceeds from the book fair provide funding for the library to purchase additional resources for students. 





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